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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Ability to Shuffle?

This Sunday is Chicago's 'Shamrock Shuffle'. It's an 8K that is like 'Opening' Day' to the racing season in the Windy City. There are 25,000 registered runners and a few world class are invited to participate. It's more of a fun race/social gathering due to the distance and activities connected to it. Big beer tent and Cracker is the band this year (a great live band - seen them many times).

Needless to say, many of the runners are there for the fun of it and are not 'runners' per se. And for me, that's a good thing, because there's a good chance I won't be able to finish the race. I'm still battling shin splints. It's something that has been lingering forever - well, at least since early January.

I've come to the realization that I have to go back to the drawing board. Start from the beginning. Revamp my diet. As far as running, might have to eliminate it for a while and utilize a bike and ellipitical machine to boost my cardio and allow my shins and knees to heal and strengthen.

At any rate, it will still be a fun day....

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rock & Roll Feuds

I had some old Rolling Stones on earlier aka the good stuff pre-Jagger vs. Richards. And it got me thinking about other band feuds that lead to either the band's demise, change of personnel, a hiatus or at least some wacky front page news.

Here are a few I came up with...

Pink Floyd - Waters vs Gilmour
The Kinks - Davies vs Davies
Van Halen - Eddie and Alex vs Roth vs Hagar
The Clash - Strummer vs Jones
Oasis - Gallagher vs Gallagher
Black Sabbath - Ozzy vs Band
Simon & Garfunkel - well, duh
Genesis - Gabriel vs Band
Temptations - Ruffin vs Band
The Smiths - Morrissey vs Band
Guns 'n Roses - Axl vs Band
Cream - Clapton vs Bruce vs Baker
The Police - Sting vs the other two guys
Fleetwood Mac - take your pick
Yes - many combinations
Uncle Tupelo - Rob Farrar vs Jeff Tweedy (they made a win-win decision)
Metallica - Mustaine vs Band
Ike vs Tina

oh, and some little obscure band called the Beatles...

Now here are a few that are a little, let's say, different...

Frank Zappa vs Tipper Gore
Pearl Jam vs Ticketmaster
Marvin Jr. vs Marvin Sr.
Michael Jackson vs Paul McCartney
GG Allin vs Sanity
Billy Corgan vs anyone else that played with him
Bob Marley vs the Jamaican government
Kurt Cobain vs a shotgun
Keith Moon vs Meds
Pete Townsend vs exploding amps
Brian Jones vs swimming pools
Milli Vanilli vs a tape player
Vince Neil vs cookies, cake and pie
David Lee Roth vs hair loss
Michael Hutchence vs sexual satisfaction
Sid Vicious vs heroin

and of course....

U2 vs the World

Monday, March 27, 2006


Ohio State?? What the hell was I thinking??

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New shoes....new legs?

Well, I tested out the new shoes. It definitely put me in the right direction.

Tuesday I ran out on the trail with the new trail shoes (New Balance 907) and even though i did have some stiffness in my left shin I think they helped. Definitely not as sore as Saturday. Got back and stretched (a little) and iced and felt fine.

Yesterday, went to the club and hit the treadmill with the other new pair (New Balance 766). Light stretching prior to hopping on and only minor soreness in my right shin. Ironically no pain what so ever in my left shin...weird. Lots of stretching after the run (only 2 miles...remember, kinda like starting over) and felt just fine.

I'm sure it's more than just the change of shoes, but I'm glad there was a noticible difference. I had less than 100 miles on the shoes from before. Maybe less than quality shoe from the previous 4 pairs of the same brand and model (sorry Brooks Addiction). That was the only model shoe I used since I started running.

Hopefully this will get me back up and running, literally. Time to end the winter hibernation and reclaim some of that running prowess I once possessed...that's the part where you chuckle or roll your eyes.

Oh, by the way, since my Boilermakers aren't in the NCAA Tourney, I'm still going to cheer on the Big Ten. Of course, I won't win the pool with this logic, but what the hell.

My Final Four: Iowa vs Memphis.....UCONN vs Ohio State

Final: Memphis vs Ohio State...........winner..........Ohio State

I know I know...but it's only 10 bucks

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

Well, the birthday passed quietly over the weekend. Relaxing and enjoyable. On Friday, my sweetie and I had a nice dinner in our soon to be new neighborhood....Saturday morning met up with our running group (although my running was basically nonexistent)...massage in the afternoon...Sunday a nice hike up in Wisconsin...and finishing it off with the Sopranos. Not bad, huh?

As far as my running, like I said, lately it has been nonexistent. I've been battling shin splints since the beginning of the year. Add an on and off sore left knee and that has you earmarked for limited running. The last few weeks have been bicycling and some weight training. Hopefully, with extra stretching (which I neglect to do on a consistent basis) and the new shoes I bought over the weekend, the pain will go away or at least subside.

My history of running is pretty brief. Basically, I'm not a runner. I was on the track team in high school, but I didn't run too much. Some wind sprints the occasional mile run and that was about it. I was a shot put and discus guy. Although being inside this 'running world' is somewhat foreign to me, I'm knowledgeable on the sport itself.

I started pursuing this running endeavor on January 1, 2005. At the time, I was 41 and realized it was time to do something about my health. I've always been healthy per se, but being overweight has been a life long trait. I've never been thin....never. So at this time a few things started clicking in my head that started my motivation:

1) Being over 40...this is the time where bad things may creep up on a guy if you are not careful with your day to day lifestyle.

2) My Lora...in 2004 she started to get back into running. Seeing her enjoy it and seeing her happy with the results of her improved physical health. I saw this as something we can enjoy together. Plus, I want to make sure I'm around so we can grow old together.

3) Lastly, and honestly, The Biggest Loser...we watched the 1st season of that show and in many small ways, it began to influence my (and I think to an extent Lora also) health behaviors. The actual turning point for me (if you saw the show) was near the end of the season (around Thanksgiving '04 I believe) when they confronted the cardboard cutouts of themselves when they were at their heaviest. To see the emotion pour out of them and to say they didn't even recognize who that person was, kinda flipped my switch.

Needless to say, on January 1st, 2005 (sure, you can call it a New Year resolution)...I began my journey into the running world....unfortunately after a successful and enjoyable year of running (at least on my novice level) and getting 'lighter'....the injury bug has paid it's toll and 14 months later...here we go again...nowhere to go but up :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm 43 Today

43. A prime number. Not a very popular number. Unique? Perhaps. Not too many athletes attached to 43. Richard Petty. But that's NASCAR...which is another discussion altogether.

Not sure how to feel about this age. Born when Kennedy was president. We aren't Baby Boomers. We aren't Gen-Xers. We're kind of on the cusp of, well, I have no idea. Too young to be considered part of the disco movement (phew). Too old to be part of the Hip Hop scene (another phew).

I don't feel old. But then again I don't feel young either. Is this middle age? Double 43 and get 86. Maybe it is just that. The old adage is 'you're as old as you feel'. Well, I guess I feel like I'm 43.

My prime.